How To Fake Long Hair

make you hair look longer with ponytail
making your hair look longer

Ponytails can be fun, you know. It is not the most boring hairstyle in the world. In fact, it is one of my favorite hairstyles – it is comfortable, your hair isn’t falling in front of your face all the time, your beautiful face is uncovered and bright,  you will be able to wear your favorite enormous earrings and  you will look younger. Do you need more reasons for falling in love with the ponytail, because if you need, I’ll give them to you:

  • Your sexy collarbones are uncovered;
  • A ponytail can make you look chic and sophisticated;
  • A ponytail can be worn if your hair is greasy, but you have no time to wash it;
  • A curly ponytail can boost your energy only by the feeling of the bouncy spirals on your back.

I’ll stop counting you benefits for now, because I want to show you an incredible trick for your ponytail, which will make your hair look extremely long. Well, it is a fake length, but nobody will accuse you of lying, because no one will ever guess that this is a trick, that’s how natural it looks. Check it out:

  • It will be better if your hair is clean, but if it’s not, don’t worry – spritz some dry shampoo or apply some baby powder, these products will absorb the oils from the roots.
  • Then create some volume by teasing the top of the hair.
  • Place your index fingers just above the temples of the head and meet them at the crown. Tie that separated section into a ponytail – a fluffy ponytail (don’t press the volume).
  • Then separate another section of the hair, between the ears and the top section. Tie that section into a ponytail too.
  • And the rest of the hair, tie into a low, third ponytail.
  • Then brush those ponytails in order to merge together.
  • And if the hair bands could be seen through the hair, you can make a few curls, which will move around and hide the bands. Remember to apply thermal protector before the curling iron.
  • Lock the curls with a hair spray and enjoy your long ponytail!