How to Fight Frizzy Hair in The Summer


Summer is a favorite season to a lot of people, but it also has its bad side. During the summer the sun is stronger and the humidity is higher, two things that have a devastating effect on your hair. The good news is that you still can enjoy your time under the sun and swimming in the salt water and at the same time protect your hair not letting it look like a haystack. Here are the top 10 ways you can keep your hair under control in the summer.

1 Give your hair some break from washing

If you are used to washing your hair every day, you must stop this unhealthy habit of yours. This prevents your hair from getting the natural oils it needs. When your hair is wet it is also very fragile and is prone to breakage. Always and only comb your hair when it is wet and never brush it because it will break more easily. Another thing you can do is to apply conditioner after you have washed your hair, but be careful. Apply it only from the midshaft to the ends and not in the roots because you will make it greasier.

2 Bet on the moisture and hair masks

If you want to have a perfect hair not only in the summer, but throughout the whole year, then you must give it the ingredients it needs to be strong. As you know, the main ingredient in your hair is water, so when your hair goes drier, this means that it needs some moisture. One of the ways you can provide it with moisture is to apply a reasonable amount of conditioner after you have washed your hair. It will make the ends of your hair not so dry. Another thing you can try is to apply a hair mask. There are some you can buy and others you can make yourself at home. And of course, do not forget to drink a lot of water.

3 Trim your ends

Women love having long hair. This is one reason why they do not want to cut their hair. But sometimes they leave it so long that its split ends become visible with the naked eye. When you have a lot of split ends, you have volume, but from the wrong side – from the bottom. And it does not look attractive at all. So, you should make sure to pay regular visits to your hairdresser to trim your ends. You can also fake that you do not have split ends. Just apply the pure Argan oil or serum for split ends and they will make the split ends of your hair smoother.

4 Apply sunscreen to your hair

When you apply sunscreen on your skin you do it to protect it from the negative effects of the sunlight. Sol, what will happen if you apply sunscreen on your strands? This probably sounds a little unusual for some of you, but it will actually have the same effect on your hair – it will protect it from the sun. It will also prevent it from breakage. So, being a little uncomfortable and having your hair greasy in touch at that time was definitely worth after you see the result.


5 Go for the bun

When your hair is shorter, for example above, your shoulders, it is not only easier to comb it and to wash it, but you also feel it lighter and bouncier. This way it will be also easier for you to fight the split ends and the frizzy hair in the summer. If you are not that bold, however, to cut your hair, then there is another solution for you. Put all of your hair into a tight bun. This way your hair won’t be that much exposed to the disastrous effects of the natural environment and it will also be hidden from the judgmental looks of the people around you. And you won’t complain having too much hair volume in the summer.

6 Have a little patience

In other words, do not hurry up to use a blow-dryer on your hair. When your hair is very wet, you should always avoid treating it with heat. You should wait for some time to get a little drier by itself if you do not want to have even more split ends. You can use a towel to cover it up and absorb some of the water without putting pressure on it to get dry fast. If, however, you are in a hurry and do not have so much time to wait for it, you should apply some heat protecting spray. Another thing you could do if you want to avoid using hair dryer is to put your hair in a couple of braids and stay with them throughout the night. In the morning your hair will be dry with beautiful and natural waves.