How To Fill in Brows


Imagine the perfect face:

Proportional facial features, soft and smooth skin, nice shape of eye, plump lips, just flawless. Now imagine again this perfect face, but with a bushy, unshaped, with sticking out hairs eyebrows. The whole picture is ruined, because the frame of the picture isn’t matching its beauty.

We want to avoid such a bad impression of your beautiful face. That’s why here you can find this great tutorial for shaping and filling eyebrows. Take a look:

First of all, you have to decide the shape of the brow. The best technique for defining a shape of brow is to draw three virtual lines which will tell you where should be the beginning of the brow, the arch of the brow and the end of the brow.

You can use long pencil. Hold it at the base of the nose, right next to the nose bridge. The tip of the pencil will be where the brow should begin. Now move the pencil to the pupil. The arch of the brow should be right where the pencil crosses the center of the pupil. To make that guideline absolutely precise, you should try to look as straight in front of you as possible.

And when the pencil crosses the outer corner of the eye, then you will find where the end of the eyebrow should be.

Now you have to move to the true work – the plucking. Remove any hairs that are out of the shape of the eyebrow.

Then comb the brow and cut the hairs that are too long.

Use brow pencil to contour the perfect shape of the brow.

Use flat brush to fill in the brow with the appropriate color.

The last step is the highlighting. Use concealer and apply it all over the brow – above it and on the brow bone. Blend in.

Done! Now your brows are outstanding and they are a perfect match for your beautiful face. Enjoy!