How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows


I have said a million times that the eyebrows are the frame of the face and that‘s way is extremely important to take good care of them and regularly clean them and fill them in. Some people are born with naturally shaped eyebrows that go well with their face shape and they just have to pluck them every week so they stay in good shape. Other people like me, for example, have to maintain their shape and length and constantly worry if their brows look the best way possible to make their other features look flattering.

If you want to have perfect eyebrows, you have to know how to their shape and length according to their other features. This is very important and that‘s why I look at it as the first thing you have to know before you start dealing with your brows.

The key is to use 4 lines as your guidance for your brow shape – the beginning, the highest point of the arch, the end and where it all comes together. The beginning of your brow should be on the same line with the outside of your nose (be careful not to leave too much space between your brows!). The highest point of you brows should be on the same diagonal line as the center of your pupil and the outside of your nose. The end of your eyebrow should be on the same diagonal line with the outside of your nose and the end of your eye. And the last, fourth line, is the horizontal line where the beginning and the end of your eyebrow stay. This may sound difficult, but when you get the hang of it, you won‘t have to worry about your brows ever again!

The next thing you need to know about making your brows look perfect is that the tools you use are as important for your look as anything else. I, personally, often choose to go to a professional to take care of my brows just because he has a lot more tools than I and, most importantly, use them the right way to make my brows look their best. Of course, if you choose to keep them good looking at home, you will have to have the following tools: tweezers (the most important thing!), scissors (I use nail scissors and they work for me), spoolie brush (to keep the hair apart and make the cleaning easier) and a brow kit (to fill them in at the end).

First, using the spoolie brush and the scissors, trim your brows so the hair isn‘t long enough to ruin their shape. Then, pluck your brows with the tweezers, but only pluck under them, not above them! Keep the shape of the brows and try to not over pluck and leave gaps in your brows.

The last thing you should do is to use the brow kit and fill in your brows. I use only a brow pencil because I need just a little filling, but if you want to fill your brows more, I suggest using brow gel and a special brow brush to make them look natural and effortless.

My final advice is to go to a professional at least once so he can shape your brows the way you want them to look and after that just maintain the shape they gave you with plucking and trimming from time to time.