How to Get the Perfect Nose Without Surgery

perfect nose without surgery

Some women love how their faces look with or without makeup. Others not so much. But we a perfectionists. What more can we say.

Every day we wake up and put our makeup on. Some just put on a base and leave the house. Others put way more effort into it – once because that’s the way they love their self and two because it is the only way to make out face have a smaller nose or higher and more defined cheekbones.

perfect noseAs we mentioned nose – we don’t all love ours. A lot of Hollywood celebs have gone under the knife, so that they get the nose they dreamed of. And actually loads of us dream of doing the same thing. But surgeries are at the same time dangerous and very expensive. And at the end of the day, there are ways to trick the eye that our nose is smaller just by using makeup and not using the services of a plastic surgeon.

Here is an idea how to achieve the nose you want with just a couple of simple steps.

  • First apply your base makeup the usual way you do. That means base, primer, foundation, powder. Whatever you do always and like.
  • Now let’s get to the nose ‘job’. You will need one of the following products of your choice: sculpting powder, darker brozner or a brownish eyeshadow or brow shadow. You need one of those so that you can do the sculpting.
  • Grab a brush and with the product of your choice draw two lines on the sides of your nose starting at the brow bone and stopping just right at the nostrils.
  • Apply some light highlighter at the middle of your nose.
  • Be careful not to over do it with any of the products, because too much of anything will have to opposite effect to the one we want.
  • With a fluffier brush blend in everything well. Keep in mind that no harsh lines can be seen or it will be pointless.

And voila! There you go, a smaller nose in just a couple of brush strokes.