How to Keep Your Red Lipstick From Smearing


We have seen a lot of celebrities with gorgeous red lips. It seems that their lipstick lasts for hours without smearing and at one point we start to wonder what is their secret. Is it just because they are so fabulous that everything goes well on them? Of course not! You can look just as gorgeous as them having a marvelous red lipstick that does not smear. Here is how to do it just in a few steps.

Step 1 Exfoliate
Before you apply your red lipstick make sure that you have prepared your lips for it. And this includes exfoliation. Remove all dead cuticles from your lips with the help of a clean mascara brush. Apply some lip balm on your lips first and then gently scrub with the brush slough away any flaky skin. Remove the pieces that have left on your lips with a wet towel or other piece of clean cloth.

Step 2 Powder
Apply all over your lips matte lip pencil. Of course, it should be red. And create an even base for the next couple of steps. Using a powder brush, apply some translucent powder along the edges of your lips. This will lock the color.

Step 3 Lip Pencil
Some women find it hard to apply lip pencil but for these lips, you have to in order to create definition. Choose a slightly darker color from the color you used for the base. Begin applying it from the outside to the inside. Use short strokes. Start from the left corner and when you reach the middle of the lip stop. Now start from the right corner and when you reach the middle join both lines.

Step 4 Shine
Now use a shiny red lip pencil but do not make a mistake to choose groovy glosses. Apply in the center of your lips, on both upper and lower one.

Step 5 Concealer
Now for the finishing touches. Dip a clean lip brush into concealer and run it along the lip line and a little outside it. By doing this you will clean up and will sharpen the edges.

Now you know that having a glamorous red lipstick is not such a hard task. One last secret you need to know is how to keep lipstick off your teeth. Stick your clean pointer finger in your mouth and wrap your lips around it. Then pull it out and any lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will be left on your finger. Also make sure you use good products so the end result is perfect.

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