How to Make Money to Travel The World


If you are one with a wanderlust heart, the only thing you live for and want in life is to travel. And I am quite sure, that every chance you get, you just go. People with lust for travel experience and wandering, don’t really have attachment to home and places or work experience. As I said, they only want one thing.
But I am sure one thing is wondering around your mind (especially when reading travel blog or seeing people you know traveling all around)  – how do I get the money to travel the world. So one option is getting a great job, but then you won’t have the time to travel. Like what are 20 days off for a whole year? Then there are the people who just have trust funds and staff. And then there are all those unconventional methods that people now do and actually they succeed.
Already wondering how?

Teach English

So in the last few years it has been a really popular quest – to travel to foreign countries, so that you can teach people (locals usually) the language. Many of the places where they need someone to teach them the language, don’t even insist on certified teacher, which can actually be good. To find your place just check – and you might just be in a great luck!
Some of those positions offer accommodation and all of them are paid. You will have enough free time to explore and will get keen on new culture, because of the close contact you will have with the locals.

Travel Blogging (or any blogging)

In the last couple of years blogging has actually become a full time job. As odd that might sound, there are actually people in the fashion industry, that make a lot of money. Travelers – also. Maybe not as much, but there are still options. You might not become a traveler millionaire, but you will have some extra cash to help fund your trips.
The unfortunate thing is that you have to be really good, at what you do, so that you achieve the money you will need to travel. But if you are in love with the feeling of seeing and going new places – this is for you. Nowadays there are Travel Blog Success courses, which you can take, so that you will start well prepared.

Volunteer Work

So that one is a little bit different. The word  ‘volunteer’ itself indicates, that you won’t be paid. But volunteer programed abroad usually pays your travel expenses and then you will also get a room and food. And what more can you want?
Getting room and board is kind of like getting paid, because it cuts your expenses to a minimum. And the experience you will get through volunteer work is amazing and it is totally worthed. There are many websites now where you could find your next program and just go!

Act in Films or TV productions

This one might not  apply for LA (because we all know how tough that business is there) or as a whole the USA. But the Bollywood film industry for example is at its peak. And visiting Mumbai and a place like that is a whole different experience.
But you are wondering how? You don’t have to apply with a CV or a photo or something. Once you get to Mumbai go to Colaba neighborhoods and hand there for a while. Bot after long an industry scout will most definitely ask you if you want to act (you are delicious for them, because you are not local). The same things could happen in Kenya or other places around Asia (you just have to do your research).


It is not that common. And you can start doing it, before it becomes way too famous. And let’s face it – that is getting a free place to stay somewhere in the world. Usually it is not a paid job, but it is one that offers you a free place to stay. And if you are lucky, you might find a way to work out some more obligations.
There are people, who just live like that. Out of a suitcase (or two) anywhere around the world for years. It is just from one house, to another. The gigs start from a week and can go up to years. So if you don’t mind looking after someones house – go ahead (you can check and – blogs of people who have been doing that for a while now).

Local jobs
So, those are endless. Many cities around Europe offer bartending jobs or hobs in cafes, restaurants or hostels/hotels. The easiest way to find such a job is by firstly arriving in the city. Then going to a hostel and asking around. Usually in hostels there is much information. And many places now even prefer foreigners to work for them.
There are people who do massages, for a smaller fee than in a massage studio. They offer them around smaller hotels or hostels. And people that are tired from wandering around for a whole day, usually like the idea of that. You just have to put up signs here and there and you might very fast get a result.
There are also the Resort jobs. You will probably have to find one like that on the internet and apply before arriving in prior. But there are some great positions at front desks, restaurants or entertainment part of this resort. Also, people usually love hiring Americans – to entertain Americans or Italians for Italians. You can imagine.