How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Everybody likes big, expressive eyes! But, unfortunately, not all of us are born with eyes like that and we have to try different techniques and tricks to make our eyes appear bigger than they really are. Here are just some of the best tips and tricks to make your eyes the center of attention wherever you go!

The first thing you have to do is shade your eyes the proper way. This way, you will create dimension and your eyes will appear bigger than they are. To do this, take a contouring brush and some dark brown eye shadow (the shade depends on the color of your skin) and draw a line just under your brow bone. Draw a second line on your lower lash line and blend everything well. After you are done with the contouring you can turn your attention to your eyebrows.

Drawing a high arch will visually make your eyes look wider and have an opening effect. If you want to make your eyes even bigger, draw your water line with a white eye pencil. The white color will attract light and will visually enhance your eyes. And if you add some false lashes to all of this, your eyes will be big, bold and definitely will draw all the attention!

There are some things you shouldn’t do if you want to make your eyes appear bigger. The first thing is to use black eye pencil on your waterline. This is most important advice you should remember because, even if it’s only on the lower waterline, this black pencil can make a huge difference and make your eyes look small and sad.

The next this is using too much black eye shadow. When I was little, I used to apply enormous amounts of black eye shadow all over my eyes, thinking that I was making a smoky eye. The result was me looking like a panda and my eyes (that are pretty dark) looking so small that they were hard to notice! Choose brown and make a smoky eye with it – it will look good on all eye colors and won’t look that dark when it’s applied.