How to Plan the Perfect Summer Vacation on the Cheap


I am already dreaming of my perfect summer holiday. And how could anybody not be thinking of that with the summer almost here. Beautiful beaches and mountains need to be visited this summer. Not for another reason, but happiness.

We are all searching for travels that make us happy and fulfilled. And why not make this summer one of our most adventurous and beautiful ones. If you want it to be like that it is time to make an actual plan and some bookings. The earlier you do it – the better. Because first of all not everyone could afford expensive vacations. And then if you can take them on a cheaper side – why not?


  1. Plan in prior

As I already mentioned the best thing you can do is plan everything (or at least as much as possible) in advance. This way you won’t be surprised by high prices in the season. For airfare and hotels it is best to book exactly 45 days before the event. And don’t worry about the hotels and their deals or stars or even rates. Usually a hotel with a good rate has been like that for years and nothing will change in a month and a half.

There are many sites you can use to book your hotel and your flight. The best flight option is the Airfarewatchdog (but this is only if you don’t have fixed dates). It is of course easier to find a cheaper hotel, than a cheaper flight. Sites like Booking and Tingo can help you to find your perfect accommodation. And if you don’t exist on a hotel go over to AirBnb and find and apartment that suites you best. I know that I would totally prefer to find an apartment to rent, rather than a hotel room. Browse carefully, so that you don’t miss a great deal.

  1. Don’t travel during the peak of the summer season

This is of course if you are still with the idea of wanting to travel on the cheap. The peak of the season is called a peak for e reason – everybody travels during those times and so the prices go crazy! And who would ever want to be vacationing with all those people around? A vacation must be for the rest, so pick dates that don’t interfere with the peak of the season. This way you will have a better vacation.

Just, so you know the peak of the season are the second and third weeks of august. So for your own good choose other dates. In my opinion early September and late June are just the times when the seaside is the most beautiful.

  1. Research budget activates

Sometimes doing a vacation on the cheap is all about knowing. Many people just pack their bags, without thinking and knowing and they leave. But when they arrive at a place, they just don’t know what to do. So instead of making that stupid mistake, just do your research.

Always keep in mind the fact that in many occasions museums for example are free on a particular day. Water parks have hours when they admit for a smaller fee. The same applies for other summer attractions. One other thing – never take a paid walking tour. There is always something online that you can use for reference. Zoos can be very pricey too. But rather than spending the day in a zoo research mountains and parks close by. You might be surprised by the wildlife there.