Inspired By The Beauty of The Nature


Did you know that in the nature, the males are way more beautiful than the females. I know that some of you will feel offended, but the facts are here to tell us the truth. I will tell you why the nature is playing this simple trick: the females have to be won by the males. The job of the male is to impress a single female and she has the last decision for her partner. I think that the beautiful look of the males is more insignificant than the opportunity of the females to choose their own partner. What is the point to look good if the males will fight over you anyway?

When I think of male, beautiful animal, the first thing that appears in my mind is the peacock. The tail is absolutely stunning, the colors are bright and soft and the attitude of the peacock is elegant and sophisticated. This image reminded me to show you the following tutorial for nail art, which is inspired by this beautiful animal, take a look:

  • File your nails until you make a square shape. Soften the corners of the tips a little bit in order to save the shape longer, otherwise the nails will break soon.
  • Then apply a primer – a base coat, transparent nail polish or nail strengthener. These products will save the nail bed from the harsh properties of the dark nail polish,  they can cause  yellowing.
  • When the primer is dry, you can apply the base color – black nail polish.
  • Then apply turquoise nail polish at the middle of the nail, but let the black nail polish underneath work as a frame.
  • Then apply another two layers of the black and then the  blue nail polish again.
  • Finish the decoration with glitter.
  • Lock the decoration with a top coat.


 Peacock Nails Tutorial