Leather Eyeliner


You know how trends spread among every single part of your look. The era of clothing-only is gone. Now we have to think about everything – the clothes, the accessories, the hairstyle, the nails, the makeup!

A beauty responsible woman has no rest if she wants to do things the right way. And what about working girls. Do we have 2 hours of preparation before leaving for work? I’m sure the answer is “No, we don’t!”

I’m a fan of the simple and fast beauty and makeup tricks, which are also trendy enough to fit in the fashion world. It isn’t necessary to apply the contouring and highlighting makeup technique every single morning, save it for special occasions. Don’t look Kim Kardashian, she has nothing else to do but having her makeup and hairstyle done. You are busier than her and you should find out alternative (and time saving) ways for your good looking makeup.

For instance, take this eyeliner with a glossy leather effect. You know that the leather details and elements are huge trend this season. You can find them on your clothes, accessories, and now on your makeup. There is this eyeliner in the beauty stores, which glows a little bit when it’s completely dry. It looks sticky and thick when it is applied onto the eyes, which creates the illusion that you have a thin leather strip on your lash line. This effect will be a perfect match for your black shirt with leather collar.

Check out the tutorial and pay more attention to the flick, it has to be flawless:

  1. Prepare the lids with a primer and nude eye shadows. This application will even out the skin complexion and the contrast between the black liner and paler skin color will make the eyes pop out in a precise way.
  2. Then draw a nice thick line onto the lash line. Make sure that there are no smudges, it has to be sharp and precise.
  3. Now you have to handle the flick of the cat-eye liner style. Make a thin line as you elongate the bottom lash line. Pull the liner pen up, pointing the end of the brow. Then connect it to the bottom, already drawn, thick line with a curved strip. Fill in the gap.
  4. Finish the whole look with a coat of mascara and then you are ready with this trendy eyeliner style!