Long Lasting Vintage Bouffant


Well, you know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you have to be prepared with a good look, great outfit and happy mood. It doesn’t matter in what kind of relationship you are, love is not only for boyfriends and girlfriends. You can show your BFFs that you love them as equally as your family. So, don’t make yourself pretty only because of a boy, do it for yourself and your friends. And here you can find a great idea for a Valentine’s Day look.

Let’s start with the hairstyle:

  • For girls with short hairs, I recommend a soft wavy texture of the curls. But make a difference between soft curls and messy curls. The soft curls are loose, but neat, and the messy curls are … just messy.
  • And for the ladies with longer hairs, I recommend the following hairstyle – Vintage bouffant. But I will show you a great trick which will hold the volume up and high all the time. Take a look:
  • Take the hair from the crown area and twist it. Wrap it around and create a twisted tight bun.
  • Now take the hair from the top area and tease it a little bit. Then spread it above the twisted crown bun.
  • Smooth the top from the messy hairs.
  • Then pinch the teased section of hair at the back of the head, just underneath the bun.
  • All done! You will see that the voluminous bouffant will stay all the time that fluffy and huge, because you have a solid base to hold it.

Match this hairstyle with a dress or a skirt and girly accessories, colored in pastel bright colors. Keep the makeup simple and natural-like, you can even try the no-makeup makeup technique.
So, with your friends or with a boyfriend, you will look absolutely amazing with a long-lasting gorgeous hairstyle. Enjoy!