Makeup For Fancy Occasion


Some occasions require glamorous look. Glamorous look can be easily created with the proper makeup design.

Today I want to show you an eye makeup for your party night. For sure this makeup is not appropriate for office look or day look, it is too sparkly, but the club lights will be a perfect match for your eyes if you wear such a makeup.

I will show you only the technique, but you have to choose the colors according to your outfit, face color, hair color and eye color.

When make the decision about the colors, you can start with the application of the makeup. See how it’s done:

When you apply eye makeup you don’t apply it only on your eyes, you have to enhance the brows as well.

  • So, we agreed that the brows must be the first step of this tutorial. I’m sure that you know how to shape and fill in your brows, but here is one tip: use two colors for the brows, lighter and darker, apply the darker color first and then with thin brush apply some lines with the lighter color. This little trick will create natural-looking texture of the brows.
  • Then you can move to the lids. Prepare them with primer or oil-free concealer in order to prevent any smudging and creasing of the eyeshadows.
  • This makeup is made with blue shadows.
  • Apply light blue matte shadow at the crease and spread it into thick smoky line.
  • Then cover the lid with light blue shimmer.
  • Draw thick, V-shaped cat-eye liner with darker blue color.
  • Merge the colors together with smudging brush.
  • Then move to the bottom lid. Cover the lash line with the shimmer and the waterline with the blue liner.
  • Finish the look with a thick coat of mascara.

All done! Enjoy the look!

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