Makeup Lifting Effect

makeup lifting

Nowadays life is very stressful. Women have jobs, kids, husbands and still have to look fabulous. Sometimes this tiresome daily round is not flattering to our eye and dark circles appear under them.

So here is a solution to that problem. You can hide dark circles and weariness with makeup. This makeup technique includes dark shadows and playing with shades in the corner of the eyes.

You will need: eyeshadow primer, a black eye pencil, dark shadows (a shade of brown, or purple, for example), blending brush and mascara.

Step 1

If you want to have long-lasting makeup, you should always start with primer to prep your face. And for this technique you will need to apply primer on your face first. And, of course, do not forget your eyelids, they are the most essential part here. So apply the eyeshadow primer on your eyelids because this will make the eyeshadow stick to the eyelids much easier and will last longer.

Step 2

After that, apply nude color of shadows all over your eyelids. You can also use a light color.

Step 3

Apply the black pencil drawing a line along the upper lash line. However, do not begin from the inner corner of your lid, start from the middle and extend it a little after the end of the lid. Using the blending brush, smudge the line a little.

Step 4

Let’s move to the eyeshadows. Again using the blending brush, apply the dark eyeshadows on your upper eyelid. Make a V-shape starting from the end of the crease to the end of the upper lash line. Make the tip of the “V” darkest and smudge well to achieve both natural and gorgeous look.

Step 5

Use the black pencil again and apply it on the lower lash line, including the water line.

Step 6

The last thing you need to do to have this lifting effect is to apply mascara. Do not forget it because it does not only makes the look complete but also elongates the lashes making them even more beautiful.

Voilà! Your look is ready and even without having to go through an expensive and painful surgery like facelift.Makeup Lifting Effect