Makeup Tricks Against Undereye Darkness


Don’t fool yourself that using only concealer will help you hide fully the dark areas under your eyes. They are stubborn imperfections and you have to do a little bit more than just applying a layer of concealer. There are certain trick, which will help you to hide them perfectly when you need so badly your glamorous beauty to be enhanced at maximum level. Just follow these steps and you won’t have any trouble with your look:

The application of a primer will be the best preparation for that area, but not just any primer, you should choose a luminous primer. Dot it on along the orbital bone and then blend in. That will hold the concealer perfectly and if the concealer is right in place, the dark circle will be well hidden under it.

The tutorial continues with the application of a concealer. Create the shape of a V under each eye, but use two different shades of concealer. The one that is under the outer corner of the eye should be a yellow-toned concealer and the other, that will be placed under the eye should be a peachy-toned one. Blend them together gently with your ring finger, because it is the weakest one and you won’t damage the fragile under eye skin area.

Step 3 is for maximum brightness of the whole area – white gel liner. Apply it all over the bottom waterline, including the lashes and the lash line. Blend in nicely and if you still can see some whiteness, cover it with your regular mascara.

That’s how you can fully hide your dark under eye areas. 
If you are fighting with puffiness, I’m willing to give you this small tip for reducing under eye puffiness right away – drink tea. Not just any kind of tea, but peppermint tea. Drink it in the morning and the puffy eyes will return to their normal look. I assume that you might not like the peppermint tea and that’s why there is an alternative – lukewarm water with a freshly squeezed juice from half lemon.

That’s how I can help you with around eye imperfections. Stay tuned for more tips, hacks and Beauty tricks, which will help you through difficult times. Have fun!