Nail Art Masterpiece


Let’s talk about nail decorations as artistic creations. Some people think that being a manicurist is something that you do because you hadn’t succeeded in some other profession. I think that this is a stupid opinion of stupid people. The girls (and rarely boys) who work as manicurists are in fact artistic people. They create masterpieces with the peoples nails. And also, you have to have a degree in order to work legally as a manicurist.

So, if you know someone who has this stupid opinion about the talented manicurists, you’d better ask him to create a simple French manicure and then make him talk about how ‘easy’ it is to work this profession. Today I want to show you a nail decoration, which looks like a painting, but a 3D one.

Take a look at the tutorial and if you are brave enough, try to make it all by your own, I will describe every single step in order to make it easier for you. Let’s get started:

  • You know that your nails have to me even and in good shape. This good shape can be achieved with a file. Create with it an oval shape of the nails.
  • Then apply a base coat to the nails. Every canvas that will hold a great piece of art has to be well prepared. Also, the base coat protects the nails from yellowing. Some of the dark colored nail polishes can damage the nails in this way.
  • Then apply the base color – a purple one, because we will create a decoration of a grape.
  • Apply two, very thick layers of the nail polish and let it harden a little bit, but don’t let it dry completely.
  • Then color several small, decorating balls and stick them to the nails into a shape of a grape. Use a toothpick for more precise work.