Natural Colors For Your Feminine Look


How to look great with a few colors and it will only take you 5 minutes, take a look:
As I always say: Frame the face. And in other words –¬†shape and fill in the brows. I’m sure that I’m annoying you with this reminder every single time, but it is really important to remember this step of your makeup, otherwise you will look ridiculous with pale and invisible brows. Do you want to look ridiculous? Well, I doubt that, so let me show you how to prepare the makeup step by step – from the brows to the mascara.

  • Choose a shape from the brows according to your face type. If your face is round – go for high arch of the brow.
  • And if your face has angled features, jawline, cheekbone, etc., soften the arch, make it low and slightly curved.
  • After you line the appropriate shape of the brow, you have to fill it in with the appropriate color. Just use the
  • same color as your hair color, it should be easy.
    Then apply primer to the lids. The primer is also an essential step of the whole eye makeup procedure, because it will hold the makeup the way it was put from you on the lids. Remember to wait a few minutes before you apply the eyeshadows, so the primer will absorb into the skin.
  • Now your lids and brows are ready to be finished with the eyeshadows. Apply soft brown shadow above the crease, only at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Then apply the lighter color on the lids.
  • Blend in with large blending brush.
  • Then enhance the bottom lid with the brown shadow.
  • Highlight the brow bone with light matte shadow.
  • Now comes the optional step: you can contour the eye with black eyeliner and mascara OR you can apply only mascara. Make this decision according to the shape and the size of your eyes.
    Have fun, girls!