Next stop: Sydney

Sydney view

We’ve already mentioned Sydney as an interesting travel destination earlier in our site. Sydney is the city of beautiful sunsets, water, fresh air and amazing things to do. If you come from a different continent, the flights and all the travel might exhaust you, but you will never regret going the extra miles. Once you come here, you leave your heart and you love it forever.

Late spring and early fall are the best times to visit Sydney. It is a top destination to visit because of the gorgeous beaches, impeccable cuisine, the wildlife, some art and the harbor seal. It offers a great diversity, like almost no other place in the world. It is a mix between modern busy life, the chill life on the beach and the life around wildlife. And that kind of makes it amazing.

No matter if you go to explore alone, with your family, friends or on a romantic escape, it will be suitable to your mood and you can plan anything or nothing  – because let’s face it, without a plan it could be way cooler. Of course you have to know the main things that are a must.

So let’s start with the outdoor adventures you could have. At least one of the days you spend in Sydney, should be spent outside, walking and exploring the beautiful nature. And if you have the time more is better.

Australians call it the Royal (the Royal National Park). It is a national park, that is protected, it is south of Sydney and it is enormously big. And trust me there is nothing missing here – cliff-top views to die for, rainforest coasts, beaches and animals. It is a feeling though to get anywhere else and it is still close to the city. So spend half of the day here, so that you get the full experience. And by the way there is the Garie Beach – the best surf place around.

Another national park they you could check it the Garigal National Park. It is slightly different than the Royal. It is more wildlife and it is majorly different than the whole Sydney outlook.

If you are into camping head to Cackatoo Island. Throughout the day there are way too many tourists. But when you have settled into a camp, they have already left and you can explore all the small and hidden places of the Island. It is a place filled with history, mystery and beauty.

There is a great amount of more outdoor places you could catch like Cronulla Beach Walk. Actually, they are endlessly many, but you should decide what is your priority.

After you have spent a great quality time outside and exploring it is time we talk about art and markets and other amazing places.

When is comes to art Sydney holds its own very amazing art gallery. Art Gallery of New South Wales is the place to visit. Spending a few hours to look at beautiful art from Indigenous to Asian will be most definitely interesting. The gallery holds art, that could not be seen anywhere else in the world. To add up to that art gallery visit, you could continue the day at the Museum of Contemporary Art. And this isn’t enough of cultural experience for you there are two very beautiful churches in Sydney, which names could be written right next to the beautiful churches in Rome for example. St. Mary’s is in a Noe-Gothic English style. It is a more grungy place. St. Mary’s is not everyone’s cup of tea for sure. But is you want to broaden your knowledge and experience – don’t miss it! The other church to visit – St. James’. It is way more traditional and elegant.

For more family oriented vacation there are spots where the whole family would be happy. One of those is the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium features species that live in the ocean and couldn’t be seen anywhere else. While walking in this aquatic world you will experience the diversity of the Australia Ocean-dwelling animals. There are sharks, the giant sea turtles, stingrays and much more.

The most common thing that people want to see in this amazing Australian city is the Sydney Opera House. It is up to you if you decide to go there through the day or the night, but imagine all of the lights and the water reflections through the night. It is an unforgettable view.

So the last thing we have to say about Sydney – it is one of the ultimate places in the world to take surfing lessons. Of course that is, unless you are a surfer. But no matter which one of those two you are – a beginner or a pro, hit the waves at Bondi beach. It is one of the best places Australia has to offer.

So go explore, enjoy and hit the waves!