Ombre Nail Art Reminder


The four seasoned countries are at a chilly place right now. The winter is here, the snow is falling and that’s kind a great, because the snow increases the Christmas mood, but when I get up early in the morning and in the bed is nice and warm, I have to go outside to catch the sub for work.

Well, the moment my nose is outside I start to remember the warm and bright days of the summer and when I do that, I start to remember the great, light dresses, the neon colors, the wavy hairstyles, the warm nights on the beach, all of these memories make me nostalgic and I wish for the summer to come soon, but it’s still December and I have a several more months before the weather is warm and nice again.

The one thing that I can do to cheer up myself is to make favorite summer nail art – the Neon Ombre effect. So, turn on the 100 top summer hits of 2014 and start making your nails done, just follow these simple steps:

  • Always prepare your nails for the decoration. If you want to have beautiful nails, you have to take care of all of the steps for achieving your desire. It’s not only about the colors and the decorations. The nail bed must look strong and healthy. That’s why you should apply nail strengthener regularly. So, the preparation includes filing and shaping nails. Choose your favorite nail shape and make it. This nail art is made on Square nail shape.
  • After that, apply a primer, because you nails need a primer too, not only you facial skin.
  • Once the primer coat is dry you can apply the basic color.
  • Then apply some of the nail polishes that will create the Ombre effect on a smooth surface and merge the border in order to create the gradient effect. Dip the sponge in the mixed nail polishes and then pat on the nails.
  • Clean up the mess with a brush, dipped in acetone and finish the nail art with a thick layer of top coat.

Done! Enjoy the reminder of the summer – the Ombre effect.