Picture On Your Nails


 This nail art, is for people who have at least basic skills of drawing, but if you are enthusiastic enough and doesn’t have drawing skill, you can ask someone who does, to draw the decorations for you. The base can be handled by you, only the drawings could be an obstacle. I recommend you to use matte nail polish, or top the decoration with a matte top coat in order to become more realistic-looking. So, check it out and let’s follow the steps together.

  1. First, file the nails into a square shape. It is the most appropriate shape, because we will draw a horizon and the square shape will give more space for the drawing.
  2. Then apply a base coat to the nails and after it’ s dry, paint the nails into orange nail polish. This will be the sky of the sunset.
  3. Then use a fan brush to make the reddish tints of the sunset sky.
  4. Draw the black horizon and use a thin drawing brush to draw the silhouettes of the giraffes.
  5. You can draw the sun at the ring finger and a tree at the little finger and this way the whole nail art will be a full, connected picture.
  6. You can draw smaller or bigger giraffes, like they are close or far away.
  7. At the end, clean up the mess with a brush, dipped in nail polish remover.
  8. Then top the nail art, after every drawing is dry, with the matte topcoat. It will create a dull effect and the nails will look like a realistic view of Africa.
  9. If you like this nail decoration, you can come back for other great ideas, which you can use as inspirations for your look.
  10. Reapply the topcoat every two days if you want to save it last longer.
  11. Have fun and enjoy this nail art!