Purple Night


There is one thing that I absolutely adore about fashion – colors. I’m not wearing many colors all over me, but I really like the hints, just an accent of color, for instance, black dress and red lips – the most chic style I like to wear. My favorite color is the red one, but I like to experiment with some other colors to use them as an accent of my style and outfit. And as I am a person who like to experiment, I regularly search for ideas and inspiration, that’s how I found this great tutorial with purple colors, which bring happy and joyful mood.

Take a look and follow the steps:

  • Apply a primer to the lids. Maybe you are tired with all the reminders about the primer, but it is a must-do step when you want to apply eye shadows on the lids. The primer will hold the makeup products for a long time and just how you’ve put them, without gathering in the crease or somewhere else.
  • So, the primer is set and absorbed into the skin of the lid, now you are allowed to move on with the actual makeup. Apply soft black pencil on the lash line, make a thick uneven line. Then smudge it and apply a colorful shadow above it and smudge again – use purple-brownish color from the palette.
  • Smudge these colors up, all the way above the crease, use a blending brush.
  • Then apply blue pencil on the bottom waterline. Make it even more sophisticated by applying purple eye shadow right below the waterline, under the lash line. Smudge a little bit.
  • Finish the whole makeup design with a coat of mascara on both lash lines – top and bottom.
  • Done! The colors are brightening up your look and I’m sure that the impression you leave at people is for fresh and relaxed woman with amazing, stylish makeup.
  • Match this makeup with the appropriate outfit and accessories and amaze your friends. Have fun!


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