Rainbow Makeup!

  •  Base

Start by applying a nudeish shadow at the crease.
Then apply black eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye, but don’t finish at the inner. Rather stop somewhere around the middle of the eye.

  • Red

Start your rainbow with some red. You should use an angled brush for this makeup and many different popping colors. So apply the red at the inner corner of the eye, so that it fills the empty space in the line after the black. Make it a little bit thicker.

  • Orange

Orange is the next color in our rainbow. It somehow will do the float between the red, black and the other colors.So apply the orange Just right above the red. Start at the inner corner of the eye and draw the line towards the outer. Also don’t make it too long. It should cover the red and just be a little bit longer than it.

  • Yellow

After the orange it is somehow natural to go to the yellow.Continue your line from the orange with some yellow. But again, don’t go all the way to the outer corner of the eye.

  • Turquoise  

The turquoise color should be a very soft and light color so there won’t be way too much contrast.Continue your line from the yellow in the outer corner of the eye. In the same way without finishing off the line.

  • Blue

The blue should be a softer color. It should be complimenting with the turquoise. Not too much darker, so that there is no too much contrast. So continue the line with the blue, but just don’t finish the line yet, with a wing.

  • Purple

So the purple is the final complimenting color of them all. Finish your rainbow line with purple and don’t forget to end the line with a wing.

  • Final touches

Apply white pencil on the bottom water line. This will make you eyes appear more awake and also it will make beautiful contrast with the upper lids. And the last touch of them all is to add up some fake lashes. You could just apply mascara, but some fake lashes will give you a more glamorous look.
colorful eyeliner