Ready For the Summer


There is something wrong with the weather and I blame the global warming. Every season comes and go without notice, some of them even don’t come and some don’t go, but one thing is sure for now – the summer is here. I can tell by the color of the sky, the songs of the birds and the smell of the blooming trees. You have to show that the summer is here with a proper look. You have to buy some sunscreen products, foundations with light formulas, BB creams, brighter eyeshadows and pinker lipsticks.

You will have to put away the winter clothes and make room for the summer dresses, tops and shorts.

But let’s start the transition with something that won’t cost you so much time of your free day – the hairstyle.

The hairstyle down below is quite simple, but the one thing that make it special is the hair accessory. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one:

  • First things first – find the proper accessory. In the picture you will see a white, embroidered hairband with beads. It is thick and beautiful. You can choose any other hairband according to the occasion and according to your outfit. But keep in mind that embroiders and flowers are trends this year in the hair accessories, clothes and shoes.
  • Then prepare the hair for the hairstyle. Don’t worry if your roots are a little bit greasy, no one will notice, because the hair will be tied into a bun and the hairband will cover the rest.
  • So, brush the hair neatly to the back and tie it into a smooth ponytail.
  • Apply stylizing mousse all over the tail and wrap it around the hair band into a loose bun. Secure it with bobby pins and hair spray.
  • Then place the hair band.


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