Reversed Twist For Gorgeous Chignon


You know that there are many different types of hair and we have to take the proper care of the hair according to its type. If you have dry hair, you should wash it too often and if  you have greasy hair, you have to make appropriate hair masks in order to reduce the production  of so much skin oil, which make the hair greasy and volume-less.
Also, you have to consider the type of hair according to the hairstyles you create,  you have to work through the issues and create such a hairstyle, which will make the hair look at its best. For instance, if you have thin hair, which is flat and doesn’t have any kind of volume at the roots, you have to search an alternative way to make at least a little bit of volume, and these ways shouldn’t have nothing to do with heat or back-combing technique, because these two procedures are capable of damaging the hair really bad.
The alternative ways could be:

  • New haircut – more layers in different lengths;
  • Specific products for thin hair, which are lifting the roots up;
  • Specific hair masks for greasy hair.

But I still want to show a hairstyle which will make your hair look thick and fluffy – one very special chignon. Take a look:

  • Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Then loosen the hair band and prong the tail through the hole, but from down below to the top.
  • You have to end up with spreading ponytail all over the twist of the hair band.
  • Then tie the ends with a small rubber band and attach under the chignon with bobby pins.
  • Use a little bit of  hair spray to lock the flying hairs and then you can enjoy a perfect, huge looking chignon.
  • There is always a solution for beautiful look, you only have to find it. Have fun!