Rock That 60s Look


Not all chignons are the same. Every period of time shows us different trends of chignons, which is a proof that the chignon is evergreen, only the shape and the design can change a little bit during the different time periods. Today I want to show you how to create a chignon, which is inspired by the 60s trend. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one if you want to achieve the same GORGEOUS result:

  • You must prepare the hair first. This step requires flat iron, thermal protector and dry shampoo (optional). First, check the roots and if they are greasy you should apply dry shampoo. It creates fluffy and natural look of the hair volume. I’m sure that you know how to apply the dry shampoo, so, I won’t spend time on explaining how to apply the dry shampoo.

  • The next step requires flat iron, because the texture of the hair must be straight for this hairstyle. So, apply a thermal protector before the work with the flat iron. This thin layer of thermal protecting product will prevent any deep damage of the hair, caused by the iron.

  • Now comes the part for the teasing. You must use a hair spray and teasing comb. Use the back-combing technique to create a huge, fluffy volume at the crown area of the hair.

  • Tie the back section of hair into a ponytail and twist it into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

  • Then roll the volume and secure with bobby pins again. Use a hair spray to shape the roll better and easier.

  • Then cover the bun with the strands from the front area of the head. Smooth them with appropriate hair mousse, for instance smoothing one.

  • Secure everything with bobby pins and hair spray.

  • Enjoy!

60s chignon