Shimmer Touch For Your Special Night


Often you have to work hard in order to make the things look simple. This time I’m talking about your makeup, not your homework.

You have always wanted someone to ask you: “OMG, Did you do this all by yourself, it looks absolutely gorgeous?” and you would answer: “Oh, yes, it’s so easy!”

But in fact, only you will know how much delicate work this makeup design requires. I want to show you a makeup design (similar to this cocktail party makeup), which looks so magical that you will feel like Cinderella when you enter that party.

See how a simple makeup design can make you the queen of the night:

  • You know that the turn of the eyes preparation comes when the foundation, the powder, the blush and the brows are all prepared. I want you to take special care to the brows, because it is really important not to have pale and faded brows, you want gorgeous pictures, right? But the gorgeous pictures might not come at all if your brows are covered with foundation and powder and you forget to color them.
  • So, I am calm now that I’ve reminded you about the brows and now we can start with the actual work – the eyes.
  • Apply lid primer and wait for it to absorb into the skin. Then apply base color like matte pale beige, just pick up nude color that will blend in with your skin complexion.
  • Then add the translucent eyeshadow all over the lids.
  • Lock it with bold cat-eye liner and apply mascara. If you don’t like the thickness and the length of your lashes, apply faux ones.
  • Apply nude eye pencil to the bottom to open up the eye.
  • All done! Enjoy the look, choose the perfect matching dress and make a gorgeous hairstyle and go to that rocking party!