Simple but Gorgeous


Often I admire the simplicity of the things. Let’s take as an example Kate Middleton. She is dressed in a really simple and ordinary style, but that lack of huge accessories and that presence of balanced designs and clothing parts are incredible. In many situations, the simplicity of a woman’s style is way more preferable than the garish one. The same theory applies also when it comes to your makeup.

I’ll show you this tutorial for arranging your cat-eye winged eyeliner. It’s simple, but perfect for the moments, when just a little bit of enhancing speaks more than thousand words.

Check out the tutorial and follow the steps one by one, I doubt that you will face any kind of problem during the path of this pictorial. Take a look:

  • A well-known rule is that the eyeliner is applied last, after the shadows. But now we skip the step for the shadows and go directly for the application of the black winged eyeliner. Of course, you have to prepare first the skin of the face if needed. Apply BB cream or some translucent foundation, or matte powder. If you have no skin issues like huge areas of acne, it will be enough to even out the skin complexion, nothing more, otherwise, more coverage will look heavy on the face, matched with just eyeliner.
  • The next step that you should arrange is the brows situation. If your brows are thin and faded after the application of the foundation or the powder, you have to groom them properly. Contour the desired shape with a flat brush or directly with a brow pencil and then fill in the brow. It’s simple and effective, again.
  • Now let’s check the eyeliner and how it’s done: Use a short, thin brush. It will be easier for you to draw with this tool. The first step is about the flick of the cat-eye liner. Make a thin line right at the outer corner of the eye, the place where the lash lines are connected. Then follow the top lash line and connect it to the first line. Done, your flick is created. Now fill in the empty space and contour the outer half of the lash line.

Finish the whole look with mascara.