Smooth And Juicy Lips

Juicy lips

There are alternative ways (absolutely harmless and fixable) that can make your lips look bigger, fluffy and juicy. Such a way is the proper makeup design. Don’t ignore the makeup when it comes to beauty. You can use it as a powerful source, especially when you have the right skills.Bold smoky eye makeup

Down below you will find a tutorial which will guide you step by step through the application of the perfect red color. Just follow the steps and enjoy the results afterwards. Take a look:

  • At first, you should exfoliate the lips. Don’t skip that step only because you think the lips look smooth. The next few steps will dry them too much and the cuticles might start to show off. So, a simple exfoliating procedure won’t harm you. Rub the lips with a homemade scrub or a bought one. I recommend you to prepare the lip scrub at home because it won’t cost you a dime. You will need only a spoon of crystal white sugar and a pinch of honey to create the paste.
  • After the exfoliation, you have to moisturize the lips. Use only petroleum jelly or simple lip balm for this step.
  • Then absorb the excess oil from the moisturizer with a tissue. Just pat on the lips.
  • Cover the lips with concealer. Blend then with the color of your skin.
  • Then outline the lips with a lip liner. Don’t overdo the outlining, when you do it, trace the outer edge of the lips, not the inner.
  • Then draw some contouring lines at the center of the lips.
  • Pout-pout to smudge the edges of the contouring lines.
  • Top the lips with the color.

Beautiful juicy lipsOmbre juicy lips

The makeup is an essential part of every girls look and the makeup plays a huge role about a girl’s self-esteem. Here is an example:

Your skin is nice and smooth and you don’t need to apply too much makeup, but you are worried about that redness on your forehead, which looks like a baby pimple. We all know how fast the pimples grow, especially when you are doing some tasks around the city and your face and pores are getting dirty. The dirt is boosting the pimple’s growth and by the time you get home, this little redness might become a thick, disgusting white zit. If you don’t wear makeup, this little redness will bother you all day and you will be distracted from what’s important – doing your tasks properly. So, a little bit of makeup won’t harm you, if you cover the pimple properly.

First, apply an anti-bacterial cream, then cover it with a green concealer, it will hide the redness, and then blend in with regular concealer.

The makeup is not only about the facial issues, it is about showing the most beautiful look you have.

If your lips are soft, full and smooth, you must enhance them with proper designs. A proper design could be this one, take a look:

  • The Ombre Pink Lips
  1. Soften the lips and exfoliate them if the condition of the skin is not perfect. Remember, dry cuticles can ruin the whole look.
  2. Then cover the lips with concealer. This little trick will blend them with the skin and you will be able to make them look a little bit bigger than they already are.
  3. After that, apply hot pink color only at the edges of the lips. Leave the center nude.
  4. Then fill in the center of the lips with lighter pink color and merge the two pink colors together with a finger.

Done, enjoy the look!