Soft & Colorful Smoky Makeup


 You know that it is not possible to apply any kind of makeup designs for any kind of eyes. There are some rules which will guide you through your path until you learn how to match the colors and the techniques in order to achieve an amazing look. Here are some tips:

  • If you have almond eyes – you are free to experiment however you want. The almond shape allows any colors and designs. When the shape of your eyes is the Almond one, your only concern is about the colors. Mind that factor, according to the colors of your irises and the color of your skin.
  • But if your eyes have some other shape, you have to use the power of the makeup and the colors to keep the balance. For smaller eyes, you brighter colors and don’t cover the waterline with black pencil. This is forbidden technique for you. The recent trends show us that the makeup aims for natural look and bigger, rounder and curved shapes.

So, here is one alternative style of the smoky makeup technique which is absolutely appropriate for smaller eyes. The colors control everything this time. Take a look:

  • As always, you have to start with the brows care – shape them and fill in with appropriate color. Highlight the brow bone.
  • Then apply primer to the lids. An essential step if you want flawless makeup all day. The primer holds the shadows right where you’ve put them.
  • Then apply brown curved line above the crease. Smudge nicely with a blending brush.
  • Enhance the V shape at the outer corner of the lid with the brown corner – make it darker.
  • Then fill in the nude lid with blue pearl eye shadow. Merge the colors together with a brush.
  • Finish the look with eyeliner and a coat of mascara. If you feel that the size of your eyes can bare the black bottom waterline – do it, but if you doubt it, apply nude eye pencil to that place.


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