Sparkle Nail Moons


If you want to look good, you have to take care of it from your top to the toes, literally! You can’t just rely on your gorgeous, expensive dress to gather compliments about your look. You have to prepare the hairstyle, the makeup, you have to choose the accessories according to the whole appearance.

Let’s start with this detail of your look that at first sight look insignificant, but in fact, it is really important for the whole gorgeous look of yours – the nail art.

Let me show you a nail decoration, which will play the role of natural accessory of your look just perfectly. It is appropriate for a party night out. The colors are gentle and feminine – silver and pink. You will look like the Ice queen if you match your entire look with this nail art. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one:

  • The first step, and the most important one in my opinion, requires handling the cuticles around the nail beds. Some nails are lucky enough to be free of dry cuticles around them, but others don’t have the same luck. So, if you find your nails into the group of those who have cuticle problems, you have to start with this step – softening and pushing the cuticles. If they are not too big, don’t trim them, just push them back with a wooden stick. This should be enough. Then you can exfoliate the hands, against with the fingers and the nails.
  • Another preparation step is the one with the base coat. It is highly important to apply a base coat if you want to save your nails good looking and strong. Most of the colored nail polishes cause yellowing of the nails and the base coat can prevent that from happening.
  • Wait for the base coat to dry and then apply the silver shimmer. Apply it two times.
  • After the silver nail polish is dry, stick circles to the nail moons. Paint over them the pink nail polish.
  • Lock the decoration with a thick layer of topcoat.