Sparkle, Sparkle!


Sparkle is something we women must have in our eyes (or on). When we are happy we get that special glow and sparkle in our look, that is really noticeable and makes us way more beautiful.

Making a glittery statement on a Friday (or any other for that matter) night out will uplift your look and make you seem more fun.

So what to do?

  1. Star off by applying black kohl pencil. Draw a medium thick line at the crease and connect it with the lash line.
  2. Also fill in the corner (just like in the first picture).
  3. With a brush smudge the pencil.
  4. Apply nudeish eyeshadow to the lid. Blend it in well with the black eye pencil.
  5. After you are done with the nude we are back to the black. This time – eyeshadow. Apply black (or dark gray) eyeshadow around and up the crease. Just where you firstly applied the black eye pencil. Blend in well.
  6. Apply blue eyeshadow to the lid – from the upper lash line up to the crease, where the black starts. It should be a solid blue color. A pop color. Blend a little with the black.
  7. Now it is time for the real deal – the shimmer. So you can either use a shimmer pigment that is blue or a very shimmery eyeshadow. But keep in mind that the pigment will work better. Apply it over the blue eyeshadow.
  8. To give your look more definition apply black eye liner at the lash line. Make it as thick as you like.
  9. To finish off the look apply black kohl pencil at the bottom waterline. Then a little bit of eye shadow (black) at the lash line. Blend it well.
  10. And lastly apply mascara.

And there you go. An easy look that is perfect for a night out. This will work best on brown or hazel eyes. But who said we could only sparkle in blue? Try out the same makeup routine but with different colors. Purple will look great for the green eyed ladies and green or khaki for the blue eyed. And also for everyone – silver and black. A black shimmer mat eye is a perfect one.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to try new things!