Stop Believing the Myths About Relationships



  1. You have to get under someone new to get over someone old

Who said that? Because it is kind of an absolute lie. Once a relationship of yours is ended people believe that you should have sex with someone (no matter who) in order to look past your failed relationship, great, but that can’t be it. No matter how a relationship ended and what happened and who has the fault and stuff like that, you can’t fix anything by just sleeping with someone. People think that this will get them over their past, because it doesn’t mean anything. But actually the truth is that only if you allow yourself to grieve and feel it all you can move on. Sex doesn’t fix emotional problems and you shouldn’t expect that to help you.

  1. If you were the one ending the relationship, it should be easier for you

Ending a relationship and having to say the words is one of the hardest things a sane person has to go trough. Know that it is cool to get dumped, but it is also hard to say to somebody that it doesn’t work and to reject them in a way. If you decide that a relationship has come to an end, that doesn’t mean that you won’t miss somebody or you don’t care for all of it. It just means that you see the future differently. And you probably will miss the person too, not only them missing you. Also, if the other person is deeply in love with you, breaking his or her heart is not cool at all. Actually, it is awful and dreadful and it hurts you too.

  1. One month to get over every six months of a relationship?

This is another break up myth that is totally bullshit. How can you measure the time your heart needs to heal? I don’t think it is possible. At the end of the day this is not a currency and it is not math. It is a soul journey. Different people, different relationships and different times of a persons life ask for different healing time. Psychologist have confirmed that a theory that a grief goes trough five stages. It is like going up a staircase. But the truth is that there is always a chance that you don’t fall in any of those researches and groups.

  1. Not boyfriend material

If a guy has ever told you that he is not a boyfriend material probably really did think that about themselves. But do you know what? If someone is committed enough, he will make it work. And no one is saying that the person should change totally. But he should just make a few compromises and soon enough he will much more than boyfriend material. Not being ready and being afraid is kind of a normal thing for everybody – both women and men. But that doesn’t mean that you should waste an opportunity to be happy. And if somebody really wanted to be with you they will do everything in their strength to make it work and make it good for both of you. So not that he is not a boyfriend material. He just is not committed.

  1. Once a cheater, always a cheater

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? If you have – not good, but you can get over that. If you were tough the cheater, you must know that many people will probably think exactly that for you – once a cheater, always a cheater. Although that is not true. People do change a lot. And who says that a person who has never ever cheated before can’t cheat on you? It is not a guarantee. And if the person was hurt because of what he did and personally admits it, he probably won’t even think about doing it again.

  1. You can change him

Well, yes, you can probably change the way he dresses or what he eats for dinner. But that is kind of all of it and also he probably won’t love that. The truth is that you can change him, NOT. If you want to be with somebody you should accept him with all his flaws. Probably it is a good idea to listen to Beyonce,Flaws and all songs. But instead of imagining it all for you, think about him. People are not perfect, nor they, will ever be. You should just love the person in front of you without trying to make him someone else. Because that means you don’t love him, but a future ‘ideal’ version.