Strips For Your Nails


If you want to create an interesting nail art, you have to try this one – Messy, colored strips. Take a look at the tutorial and make the design all by yourself. There is no problem if you can’t draw precisely, you won’t even need to use tape strips, because this pattern is messy. Take a look:

First of all, whenever you decide to make a nail art on your own, you have to do it right. Start with the whole procedure – the removing of the dry cuticles, the cleaning of the nails, the filing.

Many girls have dry skin of the hands and this must be fixed, because the true age of a woman can be guessed by her hands. If you don’t take the same care as you do with your face, the difference will be obvious. So, moisturize the skin of the hands often, especially when it is cold outside.

  • Let’s the nail decoration begin. Soften the cuticles wit oil cuticle and remove them carefully with cuticle scissors or wooden stick, by pushing the cuticles and rubbing them off the fingers.
  • Then wash the hands, remove the old nail polish and file the nails. Both the oval and square shapes will be a perfect canvas for the messy strips.
  • Then clean the nails with white apple vinegar. This small step will assure you that there is nothing on the nails to bother the nail polish afterwards.
  • Rinse the nails again once more with clean water and pat them dry.
  • Apply primer. Any kind of colorless nail polish will work perfectly as a primer. Wait for it to dry out completely.
  • Then apply the basic color, which should be white nail polish. Apply two coats if the first one is a little bit translucent.
  • Wait for the white color to dry completely and grab the drawing brush.
  • For the strips you will need three colors – black, red and golden.
  • Apply the red and the golden strips first. Make them thick, but don’t draw them too close to each other. Leave space for the black contour in order to see the white base still.
  • Then contour the red and the golden strips with the black nail polish and a thin drawing brush.
  • Seal the deal with a thick layer of top coat.


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