Spring Makeup For The Warm Days


Not long ago I shared with you which are the trendy colors for the Spring and Summer of 2015. Today I want you to use that knowledge on your eye makeup. Here is one idea and I hope it will inspire you for your own design, created for the shape and the size of your eyes.

You should always consider the shape and the size of your eyes when you want to make a certain makeup design. Not all designs can suit any type of eyes. Only the almond eyes look good no matter what kind of design you want to apply. The shape of the eyes in the tutorial is exactly the almond one, but if you have different shape, you have to adjust the design according to your eyes. Let me first show you the design and then you will be able to decide if you want to apply it.

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Take a look:

  1. First of all, you have to shape and color the brows. I know that you already had applied the foundation and the powder, which means that the brows are pale and faded. You have to enhance them with color. Use brush instead of pencil to line the shape of the brow and to fill it in with color. Then comb the brows with a clean mascara wand in order to create more natural looking texture of the brows.
  2. Then prime the lids in order to save the makeup last longer.
  3. Apply base color – light brown shadow all over the lid, even above the crease.
  4. Then apply concealer, very light color, only on the shape of the lid, under the crease. This will be the base for the shadows and, which will make the colors pop out in a soft and gorgeous way.
  5. Then apply three pastel shades of the orange, the green and the blue palette. Merge the borders with a little bit of smudging.
  6. Finish the look with a black cat-eye liner and a coat of mascara.