The Trendy Spring Colors For Your Nails

watermelon nail art

We have entered the February already and the Spring is closer than you expect. This month is short and it will fly away while you drink your morning coffee and tomorrow, when you go to the office and open your daily schedule you will be shocked: “OMG! It’s March already! How that happened?”

And when March is here you will start to sense the Spring coming slowly in your town. And then comes another question: Are you ready for the spring?

I know that your winter clothes and accessories are trendy for the season, using the trendy spring colors, but do you know what kind of colors will be those for the Spring?

If you missed that information, I will show you the trendy colors for your nails, which are considered according to the basic colors of everything for the summer. Take a look:

Pastel Blue. In fact, every color in its pastel version will be trendy and you won’t make a mistake by using a certain favorite color. The pastel colors look like you poured milk in the color and that’s how is created the specific shades of the colors.

Pale green tea. This color is basically the new gray. It matches with everything. This color will be the color which you will apply when you can’t decide what kind of nail art will look better with your outfit. It’s universal, fresh and romantic. Make sure that you have at least one bottle of the Subdued Sage.

Warm Mauve Plum. This color will make the transition from the Winter to the Spring trends smoother because of its saturation – it’s neither dark, nor light, while at the same time it is equally dark and light. Maybe it will work as an invisible border between the burgundy and the pale purple shades of the spring.

Milky Pink. It will be a perfect match for the milky blue. These baby colors lead you away from the innocent look and brings sensuality and feminine aura. Its turn will come after you go through the transition with the Mauce plum.

Cocoa Milk Brown. As I expected, the brown is here to stay, but with a little bit dull shade.
Tinted Gray with Pink undertones. It’s elegant, light and dreamy. This will be your most preferable color for the work days, trust me.

Periwinkle. This adorable combination between purple and blue will make your nails look like the most Springy part of your look.

Girly Pink shades. The pink colors are classic and you will be able to enjoy them all over again this Spring.

Neon Lilac. This is the Spring way to say “Get ready for the summer, girls”!

Multicolored Glitter. You can easily imagine the multicolored glitter on your ring nail, while it is surrounded by the Pinky-Gray color.

The classic red. It is evergreen and you don’t need a trend or a reason to apply red nail polish or red lipstick.

Milky Peach. You can see that any milky version of the Winter colors will be trendy now. So, find out your favorite colors and enjoy them!