Stunning Look For a Memorable Night

beautiful makeup

If you are lucky enough to have big eyes and huge lids, you must try this makeup.

Yes, it is a little bit more sophisticated than usual, but you can match it with a gorgeous party dress and rock the club with your pop queen style.

Take a look at the tutorial and if you like it, grab the brushes and the shadows and let’s get started:

  • Always apply primer to the lid when you want to apply more makeup products on the lids than just an eyeliner.
  • The primer will hold the makeup right in place and there will be no smudges at the crease.
  • Now, you will need a lot of black color so take a liner brush and liquid eyeliner container. Cover the bottom waterline with the black color and extend the line up and out of the line. Then contour the lid with the black liner, just above the crease. Make a semi-oval line.
  • Now soften the black lines by applying a brown shadow around the black color. Spread it a little bit with a blending brush.
  • Apply darker brown shadow between the brighter one and the black line onto the crease. That will make the colors merge one to another.
  • Fill in the empty lid with gray eyeshadow.
  • Liquid eyeliner to the lash line and faux lashes on top.
  • Finish the look with a colorful glitter above the gray shadow.
  • This eye makeup allows contouring and highlighting foundation base. You should also shape and fill in the brows. Keep the lips nude and soft, if needed, exfoliate them before the application of the makeup.
  • That’s all I can write. When the makeup is ready, you can choose the perfect dress for the night. So, go out, dance all night, rock all the clubs and have a lot of fun!