Sunflower Eye Makeup


Some people think they are obliged to wear clothes and makeup matching the season. If it is spring or summer, you should put on fresher and simpler makeup, for example. Who says that you should put on darker eye makeup just because this season is winter. I say, bring some freshness and color into your day even with your makeup. Here is a very sweet and colorful makeup you should try out in the club or even in the office. Because of the yellow and black, we have named it after the beautiful summer flower – sunflower.

You will need: creamy beige, black, yellow and dark brown eyeshadow, small blending brush, eyeshadow brush, sponge brush, flat eyeliner brush and, of course, mascara.

  • Of course, as usual we start with base. Using a small blending brush, or even your fingers if you like, apply some creamy shade all over the eyelid. It is very important the shade to be creamy so that it will help the color last longer on your lids.
    Now get the black eye shadow and apply it in the outer corner of the lid. Begin somewhere in the middle of the lid, where the pupil of your eye is.
  • Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the dark brown color on your crease following the natural shape of your eye and exaggerating the back part of the crease, creating a V-shape.
  • Now for the fun and colorful part. Get a sponge brush and dab it in the yellow shade. Apply it on the first half of your eyelid, so that it merges with the black color you applied earlier in the back. Try to go a little over the crease. When you apply a brighter color in the inner corner of your eye you make you look more awake, open and fresh.
  • Now using the flat liner brush apply beige shadow on your lower lash line. Again, as you did with the black shadow, apply it starting from the middle of the lash line and ending in the outer corner of the eye. If you like, you can do it with the same dark brown color you applied on your crease.
  • Finish your look by applying mascara both on your upper and lower lashes. If you like, you can also put falsies.

    And you are ready. Enjoy!