Sync Your Look With The Upcoming Holiday


I don’t care if you have valentine for the St. Valentine’s day or not, but you have to use the occasion to pamper yourself with a beautiful nail art, just like this one, it’s called the ‘Kiss Me’ manicure. Take a look at the tutorial and you will see how satisfied you will feel after you create this amazing design. Just follow the steps:

  1. The first step is the most basic one, but if you don’t pay attention to the details, you won’t achieve the amazing results you can see in the picture. So, choose a proper shape for the nails and then create that shape – file the nails. It’s better to choose some kind of oval shape of the nails, because this nail art will look better on an oval shape.
  2. Then prime the nails. Apply base color – transparent nail polish, base coat or nail strengthener. Wait for the base color to dry out completely.
  3. Then you will need a dotting tool (a pin will work as well, for more comfortable work, stick he pin into the rubber of a pencil).  Apply two tiny dots on the tip of the nail. Make them one next to another, in fact, a little bit one above another.
  4. Then you will need one really small drawing brush to create the rest of the kiss mark. Let’s start with the upper lip. Draw a thin curved line below the dots. Then connect the ends of the bottom line with the highest peaks of
  5. the dots. Voila, the upper lip is created.
    Now draw the bottom lip. Make the mouth a little bit opened.
  6. That’s all. If you have some time and mood for decorating, you can continue with the drawing, but this time choose different colors than the red one. Make it colorful, funny and sassy. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!