The Graffiti Look


Have you eve imagined that graffiti are not only for the streets of the world. They could be a perfect asset for your face. Strange, right?

Although a graffiti inspired look might not really be suitable for any occasion you can always give it a go at Halloween or a special party you want to attend.

So here is how to achieve the not so tricky graffiti look:

  • Start by having applied base and foundation and also you should have defined your brows.
  • Apply some primer to the lid. It is important to never skip this step. It will keep your makeup on longer. Also in this case is will help you to prevent smudges.
  • With an angular brush draw a think black or grey line at the middle of the eye lid. You should start at the inner corner of the eye and finish at the outer at the crease.
  • Now draw another line. It should start at the outer corner of the eye at the level of the upper lashes – just like a wing for eyeliner.
  • And then one more starting at the outer corner of the eye at the level of the bottom lashes.
  • The last line for now – one starting at the middle of the under eye area. By creating those lines you create the perfect form for the makeup.
  • Fill the space between the two lines on the eyelid with a fresh pink shimmery eyeshadow. Use a brush. Don’t apply from the product exactly at the outer and inner corner of the eye – like it is shown on picture 4.
  • At the outer corner, again between the lines, apply purple.
  • Now grab a black kohl pencil and do the black lines again on the lid again.
  • At the inner corner of the eye apply white eyeshadow.
  • With an angled brush apply blue eyeshadow under the brow following its natural form. Start with a darker blue and fade out with softer ones. Look at pictures 8 and 9.
  • Grab an eyeliner. Apply a line close to the upper eyelashes. Don’t make it too thick.
  • With the eyeliner cover the liner that are under the eye. The one that start at the level of the bottom lashes make thicker. As picture 12.
  • Then in between the two lines to the same think you did under the brow – apply blue and fade it out.
  • Then (that one is optional) add fake lashes.
  • Apply white pencil at the bottom waterline.
  • Now comes the tougher part. Dip a brush in two or three bright eyeshadow colors. Than just like in picture 16 spray eyeshadow all over one of the sides of the eye.
  • The graffiti part could be done differently depending on what you like. Here you should probably get someone to help you, as you can imagine drawing on your own face is though.
  • Here you should use a face paint. There is no way you could draw with anything else on your face.
  • A good idea is to have the drawings firstly done on paper. At least the contouring.
  • So firstly on random places draw (you or whoever is doing that) the contours of the figures. Then fill them with color. Make them beautiful!
    Enjoy your graffiti look!