The Habits That Have Negative Effect on The Brain

bad habbits that affect brain

Women know that if they want to look beautiful and young, they should take care of themselves. But applying the right beauty products, removing their makeup before going to sleep and getting their beauty sleep is not enough. If a person wants to lead a healthy life and to look attractive, they should begin the change from within.

However, people are used to doing some things without realizing that they are not good for them, and could have serious consequences for a 5-minute joy. And there is one organ in your body which you should be most concerned about, because you can hardly fix it later.

Here are the top habits that have negative effect on a person’s brain which you should definitely try to avoid.

You do not have breakfast

Breakfasts are the most important meal of the day. You probably know it from your childhood when your grandma told you, you have to eat. Back in those days you probably did not think about the consequences.

Breakfasts give you the vitamins and minerals needed to go through the things you have to do during the day. And your brain needs it, because if it does not, you will feel tired. It will start feeding on the reserves your body has stored.

Just try not to skip breakfasts for a week and you will notice how better you would feel.

You overeat

You should not skip breakfasts, but you should also not overeat. This is another of the very unhealthy habits people have. They starve during the day and when they come back home, eat as much as they can. One of the reasons for this is the additional ingredients people put in the food that makes them want to eat more and more, and thus to overeat. You should be very careful with this.

There is a trick you can try, eat with your eyes closed, or put a smaller amount of food in your plate, because the brain eats with the eyes. It if sees that your plate is empty, it will automatically tell you that you are full. You will not only gain weight if you overeat, but you will damage the health of all your organs, including your brain.

You smoke cigarettes

Not once or twice people have been warned that smoking is not good, it is unhealthy. It works against your health and your budget, because cigarettes cost money.

You may think that smoking is only bad for your lungs, but this is not so. It will also make your skin look older, and will make your teeth yellow.

But your brain is affected too. When you smoke, your blood vessels shrink, and your brain does not receive the amount of oxygen needed for its normal functioning. A research even shows that smoking may lead to Alzheimer. So, be careful.

You eat too much sugar

Women love sweets, especially chocolate, and they probably cannot imagine their lives without this extremely delicious delight. Of course, you should not stop eating sugar completely, you just have to cut it down a little.

When you have too much sugar in your body, it cannot absorb it all, and it works against the absorption of other important ingredients, like proteins. Try to skip eating sugar for a few days. When your body cannot take it any more just eat a piece of some fruit. This will help you forget about chocolate and other unhealthy desserts, like cakes.

You cover your head while you sleep

do not cover your head while you sleep
Be sure to not cover your head while you sleep!

You can hardly do this in the summer, because it is too hot, maybe only if there is a mosquito in the room, but in the winter some people do it when they are too cold. Of course, it is not very comfortable to breathe in such a small place, but there are people who do it.

When you breathe, you exhale carbon dioxide, but since you are under the sheet, the carbon dioxide cannot escape and you start breathing it. The huge amount of carbon dioxide has a negative effect on the brain. That is why you should forget about this bad habit of yours, and open the windows from time to time, to get some fresh air.

You do not give your brain a rest while you are sick

A lot of people work hard even when they are ill. This is definitely not a good idea, especially if you involve your brain in the process. When you are ill, all of your body and your brain need rest, and you should give it to them, because pushing your brain to think at that time, damages the efficiency of the brain. And if you do this more than once, there will be consequences for sure. So, protect your brain and just give it the rest it needs.