The Most Beautiful Beaches of The World


I think there is almost no chance of a beach not being beautiful. With that said, though there are places that just take your breath away. Once you see them you just don’t believe what is going on. And that is quite fascinating. I think I live so that I get to go to the beach and explore the different sea and ocean shores around the world. Like that is my thing. And I know that many people will be able to relate here.

So here is a list of some of the top beaches around the world. But not top in anything else but beauty. Read along:

   Anse Source d’Argent, the Seychelles

This is one of the places around the globe that has the most amazing sand ever. The feeling it gives you once you step on it is more than perfect. The water is as clear as any water might be. And no matter which beach in the Seychelles you choose you will be stunned. But Anse Source a’Argent is on the top of that list for a reason. Not only is the sand amazing, but it has that pinkish color to it. Imagine that combined with the clear waters and blue skies – it gives me goosebumps even thinking about. It is for sure one of those places worth visiting before you die. Plus the wildlife on the island is very rich which will make your vacation even more interesting and beautiful.

Langawi, Malaysia


Did you know that Langawi means the land of the wishes. Don’t forget to wish for something once you step foot there. Also at night look up, for a falling star. That way your wishes will come true- there is no other way. The name was given to the island (or so it is believed) by pirates, who have found treasures. The lazurous waters and the breathtaking scenery might not be home for pirates anymore, but they most definitely are a place like no else. Some people will say, well it is a beach and some sand. But no – it is beautiful scenery, which will deeply make you feel young, inspired and energized.

   The Maldives

Every time I think of the Maldives one particular picture pops up in my head – the whitest sand imaginable and bluest water ever and of course a clear sky. It is hot and in the same time relaxing. And on one of those beaches I imagine a small cottage of my own one day. But until then the paradise Maldives have a lot to offer. It is one of those places where you can find both luxurious accommodation and everything you need and also private beaches where no one else has walked yet. It is so perfect!

   Fraser Island, Australia

Australia holds tons of treasures. Not only the gorgeous man, but beautiful nature and great cosmopolitan cities. The continent has it all. And about Fraser Island – it is the largest sand island in the world (but fortunately not so popular, so it is not crowded with tourists). It is a heavenly place. Or at least in my head that is what heaven looks like. The island is not overcrowded nor overbuilt, so its natural beauty maintains to be explored and loved.

   Bora Bora, Tahiti

This is one of the smallest paradise places in the world – only 29 kilometers long, yet gorgeous. It is a small part of French Polynesia and of course it is very famous. Many Hollywood stars come here to vacation, but don’t worry, Bora Bora is for everyone! Bora Bora is a place of romance. That is because it hold some of the most intimate beaches and small romantic hotels that can’t resist, but inspire love.