The Most Luxurious Holidays You Can Have


Luxurious trips and vacations are something many people lust for. There are all types of places you can visit and many different hotels and resorts you can attend. It turns out though that there are vacations, so expensive, that you can literally not imagine (or at least many people cannot). The world is full of over the top luxurious hotels and resorts. Think about Dubai, the Seychelles, London and Paris. But there are places not so known by the common public, that are quite magnificent. We have made a list of the most expensive holidays there are in the World.

The Aman Resorts

This is a group that owns some of the most amazing places around the globe. But let’s focus on the one in Tokyo. First of all Tokyo is a destination to die for. It is full of culture, technology, life, innovations and people. And before you have been there you can never know how great it is. But let’s go back to the hotel. The Aman in Tokyo is a great point to start a luxurious trip (if you of course have the money for that). Here is an idea the Aman gives to its clients – to spend a year sleeping in their hotels. It is called the Year in Aman. Do you like to travel? Because if you do, just take a year off and plan all of that. There are total of 31 hotels and the package offers 12 nights at each of their places. I know I would like that and would enjoy it to the fullest. Of course, no one is making you do exactly 12 nights at a location. You can make your own schedule, but just imagine having 12 nights at 31 different locations. Wouldn’t that be a dream? It will be a dream that will cost you nearly 280 000$.

The Edge of the Earth

What do you imagine to be the edge of the Earth? It is not a literal edge, but it is a fairy tale cold place. This is the South Pole, where the emperor penguins live. There are actually tours now that can take anyone who would like up to the edge. You don’t have to be an explorer or something. Just an enthusiast. So now what you have to remember is the name of that whole thing – Whichaway Camp. This is the place where you will arrive in Antarctica. And your departure can be done only from two points of the world (thankfully on different continents in order to be ‘easier’) – the UK (London) and Cape Town. Once you are on the plane you are entering a nine day expedition. Only a few people actually get to experience all of that – six people per expedition. And there is one more thing – it is done only three times per year. So that makes up 18 people per year. If that is now exclusive I don’t know what is. Of course, in order to be so exclusive and get to go to a place where not many people have set foot you have to prepare the total amount of 71 000$. I am quite sure though that is will be worthed.


Do you want your own island?

My dream once was to own an island. Then I just made my mind that is not possible. Now I am in love with the idea of borrowing one. It might be just for a day a week, but it will be a fulfillment of my own. Actually borrowing something like land – an island, sounds kind of crazy and maniacal. But there are crazy enough people to think of that. Laucala is a Pacific Island owned by the same person who owns Red Bull. You know how he always is supporting great extreme and adventurous causes. Well, this is not different. This Fiji retreat is so private that only your own (or his) plane can land there. In order for this paradise place to be ONLY YOURS for a week you have to be ready with the amount of approximately 1 million dollars. But be sure to remember – the island and the resort can hold up to 72 people. So grab your 71 closes friends and just split the bill. Go live freely on your own island…for a week. Then back to reality.