The Packing Problems All Women Have

how to pack your bags

When it comes to packing all women do it differently. Some have pre-sorted things (a sort of packing list) they bring with them every time. They even have read to go outfits for every trip, depending on the season. And that’s us quite great.

Other women though are a total disaster. Something you can’t imagine until you see if you are a guy.

I am from the second type. And as though packing is fun and I do it quite often (because I travel a lot) I always end up doing it at the last possible minute, looking at my suitcase and wonder like crazy.

Many people struggle when they have to fix their luggage. Sometimes packing for a shorter trip like two or three days is even harder than packing for a longer one. Because when you are going away for 10 days, for example, you just have to bring many things and that way you have options. But when you have to pack for a weekend it is absolutely absurd to pack tons of stuff. So that is what makes it so difficult.

It turns out that most of us women have problems in common when packing. And as much as we say we pack easily and fast and etc. – we don’t. So here are some of the most common problems all women have when it comes to packing their suitcase for a trip.

You just want to pack stuff for every possible occasion

Going to a tropical island?

Great! How to pack our bags

But why don’t I bring my winter jacket, just in case. That is how I feel I think sometimes. Of course, no matter where you are going you have to pack adequately and be prepared. But then there are many decisions we make that are kind of stupid. If you are, for example going camping you probably don’t really need that fancy cocktail dress, you know. There are no black tie events in the woods or on the beach. So don’t worry about that. Pack according to the occasion.

You try to fit too much cosmetics into a too small pouch

Okay, I get it.

We all want to look good when we travel. That is why we bring with ourselves all of our majorly ‘important’ cosmetics. Many airlines (especially the low cost ones, where you fly only with a hand luggage, so that you don’t pay a fee) have restrictions about how many cosmetic liquids can you bring. And that is where the hell begins.

We try to bring everything in the world in just a small pouch. Well – no way! A few days prior to your trip keep a good eye on what do you really use when it comes to cosmetics.

I think I know what the basics are – foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, brow gel or brow shadows and some lipstick or lip gloss. There is no possible way you will need anything more than that in a short trip, so don’t sweat it!

You need to do laundry before packing, but there is no way to find the time

I know I go crazy right before traveling. It is all because I have to do too much laundry and I simply can’t find the time. It is too tough to wash, dry and iron all your dirty clothes. Because of course you must must have everything clean in case you decide you want to bring it 2 hours before leaving.

Yeah, right.

The solution to the problems is to just decide at least a day in prioritizing what you ‘must’ bring with yourself and wash that. Not everything you own. It is just way too much work!

Your suitcase usually is heavier than the restrictions

You know that feeling when you are putting the already packed suitcase on the scale and it weights approximately 5 do 10 kilograms more than your allowance? Yeah, right. My heart drops every single time.

Although I always know that will happen. I still struggle. And I always decide to wear the heaviest stuff, but it doesn’t really work that way, does it? I just try to pack a few pieces of shoes less, if possible. Then I try to leave the hair dryer and stuff like that at home, because either way I just go crazy.

You have to decide on outfits and pack things that mix and match easily

Having on your trips wardrobe that is easy to mix and match and to change on the go some pants or shirt that still go with everything else is important. Although not every person has that much of a versatile wardrobe. Some people’s clothes just can’t mix and match.

But if you have built some solid basic collection it will he a heaven for you. Of course you should out some thought into it. Just lay every ready outfit you want to bring on your bed. And then you will be able to see what can be mixed and matched. If the possible change stuff in order that you have the most versatile suitcase ever.


That is my most dreaded problems when packing. Well, actually I pack and everything is okay, but once I open my suitcase when I arrive at my destination, I go crazy. Every single bit I have with me is wrinkled and that just ruins everything. In the last couple of years I have been trying to buy more clothes that don’t wrinkle, but the good fabrics just do. And that is my main problem.

Once I open my suitcase I just have to iron everything once again, so that I don’t go crazy and look good. If though the place I am doesn’t have an iron – this is the biggest problem ever. So probably it is a good idea to try and pack stuff that it is easy to take care of – in other word unwrinkable.