The Perfect Colors For Brunettes


The fight between brunettes and blondes is almost as old as the world. There have been T-shirts and competitions and everything you can imagine under the lines “Brunettes do it better!” or “Blondes do it better”. And the battle has never been settled.
What is though the priority of the brunettes? We can rock almost any color, whereas blondes have to be very careful what they wear, because they don’t want to look like they are lost in the clothes. Of course brunettes also have to be careful what they wear, but only because of their skin color.

Classics: Navy Blue
Dark colors look great on dark headed women. The Navy blue is the ultimate classic. It also looks good both on very pale women and those with darker skin.
For the winter choose a blazer in the navy color with some gold buttons. It will up your game and you will look very stylish – just like Kate Middleton often rocks that color.
In the summer opt for a thin blouse or button up and some denim shorts. Although the darker colors or not the ones often chosen for the summer, they can still look good and very stylish.

Pastels: Yellow
Yellow is perfect only for brunettes, because there is a great contrast between thei hair and the clothes. Blondes tend to get lost in yellow clothing. Also yellow looks good on women with darker skin. The girls that are more pale should be very careful, so that they get the right shade.
In the winter a yellow sweater paired with some jeans and boots would be the perfect outfit.
Imagine a beautiful, V-neck, mid-length summer yellow dress! Wouldn’t you look perfect in it?

Fire: Red
Red is definitely   not a color for everyone. It is just for those who dare to wear it! Red combined with brown or black hair makes a very stylish statement. Red would look perfect by being worn with white and black. It could work both for the day and the night.

Now in the winter some red accessories to an all black outfit will make you look way more stylish than you ever imagined you are. Some red boots or heels would work well in your wardrobe right? Depending on what you like a scarf or gloves would be good too. Also why not a red coat?
For summer and whenever actually I would love myself in a red blazer. It is a statement and it could be combined with a white T-shirt and some black skinny. Also any dress in red would be a great style choice!

Neutrals: White
Thank god there are colors like black and white. White is an all time favorite to many women. It could easily save the day and dark hair look very good next to neutrals – there is a great balance.

In the winter as a whole the season tends to be white. So an all white outfit isn’t a good idea. But make sure you have got a white button up and pair it with some cardigans for example. Also a white sweater in a heavy stitch is a good idea.
Summer – an all white outfit. This is also suitable for spring. Depending on what you like you can pair white skinny jeans with a T-shirt and some chuck’s. Don’t you already love the idea?

Oh, and let’s not forget that white is the color for our wedding dresses!