The Power Of The Colors


The colors are for brave people. I’m not brave, because I always wear the colors that are safe for me. They don’t show a specific style, but also they don’t show tasteless decisions, which means that I don’t come out of my comfort zone. The same rule applies when it comes to makeup.
And let me tell you one thing, you can easily wear a lot of colorful items as long as you analyze the shades, which can suit you best. Let’s discuss the colors for different colored eyes.
My eyes are dark brown and dark green and navy blue suit me best.
The girls who have green eyes should go for Earth tones too –¬†brown, green, orange, beige, silver, purple and so on.
And the blue eyes are my favorite. Here is one example for makeup, which will make the color of the eyes pop out even more.

  • First of all you have to apply primer to the lids. It will hold the shadows right where you’ve put them. You will prevent smudging at the crease as well.
  • Then apply white matte shadow on the lids. This little trick will make the colors pop out really bold and bright.
  • Then apply blue shadow on the lid. Blur the edges with a blending brush.
  • Lock the blue shade with black-brownish shadow. Blend in all around the crease.
  • Then apply black cat-eye liner and turquoise eye pencil to the bottom lash line and the upper lash line, just above the black liner.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.
  • Keep in mind that the colors you want to apply on your ¬†eyes have to comply with the color of your skin, not only the face, but the whole body, and the color of your hair and eyebrows.