The Top Three Cities to Visit Right Now

London Visit

Visiting London

I never believed how amazing a city can be until I visited London. It is this magical place that offers so much that I can’t even describe it all, if you give me a hundred pages to write on. It is the European NYC, but with much more history, nicer people and a more romantic version of it. The history of the country is much. And the history of the city, also! And thankfully it is a city worth visiting that is located in such a way that it can be very easily reached by plane or a train or actually any transport.

So what is so special about London? There is no way a person can not love the historic buildings and all the surroundings. No matter where in London you wander you will be surrounded by its distinctive and special architecture. Buildings like the House of Parliament, the Tower Bridge and anything around Chelsea is amazing.

Although the weather is not great all the time in a way the time stops (although everything is going fast around the city) and you don’t even care about the weather. Especially if you are a first time visitor. Nightclubs in London are some of the most amazing ones around the world. Museums – there is nothing better in Europe (probably only the Louvre can get this high in the good museums list). The art in the National Gallery is so beautiful and captivating that you can spend the whole day there (and even more). The same applies for the Portrait gallery. And Tate Britain and Tate Modern are a whole other story. Both located in amazing buildings. And when it comes to shopping – London has both everything high end you might want and also tons of cheap and affordable pieces.

No matter how much I write about my favorite city you can’t know until you have been there. And I am sure that once you visit it you will always want to go back.

Visiting Dubai

Dubai cityDubai is a whole other world from any other place. It’s a place where from the moment you get off the plane you feel the heat and all the sand in the air. Once you are in the city you don’t really know where to look first. It is all tall buildings with modern and beautiful architecture (if you are into those types of architecture) and huge car parths – they have something like 11 lanes in each direction.

I was kind of skeptical about visiting Dubai. I was thinking that since I love Europe, so much I won’t like it in any way. But it turned out the opposite. It is such in interesting places that you must see, so you know how people build an entire world over the sand dunes of the desert. It is one of the most modern places you can go to, if not the most modern. Dubai has some of the best malls in the world. Which include the most expensive designers in the world and also the greatest entertainment. The Dubai Mall is located right under the Burj Kalifa – the tallest building in the world. Once you go up there at the top you can see the whole Dubai and it is stunning especially during the night. At the Mall of the Emirates you can find a whole skiing place. It has ski slopes and even real penguins who wander around while people ski.

Other than that the cuisine in Dubai is wonderful. Also, you can enjoy some of the many beaches. If you are into luxury hotels and stuff – this is your place.

Visiting Rome

Rome ItalyWe are back to Europe. And more accurately – in Rome. Rome is one of the most Romantic places that exist. There is much history and so much beauty around the city that you probably need to live here for a while before you can say that you truly have experienced and seen the city. And also the food in Italy is so delicious that you will want to eat it forever.

Rome has one upside different than London (because they are similar when we speak about historical monuments – they have it all). The upside is that the weather is amazing. It is almost always sunny and hot. So bring it on with your dresses and cute shoes. When in Rome the Coliseum is a must. The Spanish steps are a great place to drink a beer at the end of the day. The Trevi Fountain is the place where wishes really do come true. The galleries here are also amazing. There are a few villas like villa Borghese, located near the city, which usually have huge gardens and much history. Be sure to visit them with a guide though, because there is no way you can learn as much about the history and the people who lived there as through a guided tour. The gardens of villa Borghese are huge, beautiful, green and there is even a horse base and horse races around there.

One last thing not to forget about this amazing place – right there in the city of Rome is located another city that actually is a country – the Vatican. It is the smallest country there is in the world. And the smallest town. It holds the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum which are something you MUST see before you die. It is also the home of the pope and the home of the catholic church. And with a little bit more luck you can even see the pope.

Wandering around Rome and not even having an exact destination is amazing. The city is so beautiful and the light is good all the time. It is a historical haven.