Your next destination … London


Once you go there you will always want to go back. London is not a place for every person to live at, but is a place where every person falls in love.

Let’s start by saying two things – London is both having a great diversity, but yet keeping its traditions and history safe. Nowadays it is a multicultural crazy jumble. Yet all that is happening while you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful historic monuments.

You get off of a plane in London and the first thing you notice is the accents. And let’s face it – most women just love the accent.

The next thing that is strange and different about London is the traffic – you know is opposite for most us (except if you are not coming from Australia for example).

And then there is the politeness. As a person who has traveled all around Europe I should know – people are polite in most countries, but in London they are way more polite then anywhere else and they are also helpful.

So only by those three things you are already liking it.

The typical London places to see:

London Eye – well it is nice to see how ginormous it is, but it is better to take a ride. I personally prefer the ride after it is dark, so you can see the city lights, but that is kind of a personal decision.

Big Ben – well the clock is right across a bridge from London Eye, so there is no chance to miss it.

Madame Tussaud’s – it is a loved British museum. But if I have to be honest it is not that kind of interesting. If you want to waste half of a perfectly amazing day – go, if you prefer more interesting suff, read along!

Tower Bridge – well this one is beautiful. Take a walk alongside the river Thames and head in the direction of the bridge (there is a path when you start at the Big Ben and there are maps everywhere). You can also rent a street bike and go with it.

Buckingham Palace – with a little bit more of a luck you will see the queen… well at least her quardians.

Hyde park – if you catch a beautiful weather you just must grab a coffee and sit on the grass and just observe the Londoners. You will find their talks and everything they do quite amusing, interesting and different.

After you have covered the most visited and know places go see some not so popular yet amazing thing, no book quide will tell you quite enough for

St. James’s Park – it is located very close to the Buckingham Palace and it is way more beautiful than Hyde park. IF you visit the city in the spring you will enjoy some cherry blossoms and ducks walking around.

The Portrait Gallery – located at the back of Trafalgar square it is way less visited then The National Gallery. Actually you should visit both, but the Portrait holds amazing art you could never imagine seeing and finding.

Victoria and Albert Museum – well, it is a well known place, but still. There actually you can see best the multicultural thing about London and the world!

Walk around China town. Go grab a bite there.

Walk around Nothing Hill on a Saturday morning and buy stuff from the outdoor market. You can find literally anything. It is like a color festival filled with amazing products, people and music.

Go loose yourself in Camden – the biggest shopping place, that is not a mall or Oxford street. You will be glad you went there – beautiful clothing from around the world, jewelry, art. And don’t you ever just say ‘Yes’ to a price. It a place where you should negotiate. You will always get a lower price.

So about London – well go and loose yourself. And than find yourself. It is that kind of a place!