Tips for Healthy Hair


Women love their hair. Have you ever cried over your hair because the hairdresser had cut it too short? Do not worry, you are not the only one. Women have a strong connection to their hair. Thus, we want to have perfect hairdos. Here are some tips for strong and healthy hair.

How to wash your hair?

You probably have not thought about it but there is a right and wrong way to wash your hair. How often you wash your hair should be based on how oily is your scalp. If you have chemically treated hair then it is probably dry, so you will need to wash it less frequently. And if you have oily hair, try to not wash your hair daily. Give your scalp some time to produce its natural oils. Let it get greasy a little bit. And if you have somewhere important to be, just hide it with some hairdo, make a ponytail, or wear a hat.

Apply the shampoo only on your scalp. You have probably watched a lot of shampoo commercials where the girls there wash all of their hair. That is wrong, do not do it. Apply the shampoo only on your scalp and massage it for a minute. If you apply shampoo on the tips of your hair, they will get dry and it is possible to get split ends.

With conditioner is the other way round. Apply the conditioner only in the tips of your hair. If you have greasy hair, conditioner will make it greasier if you apply it on your scalp. Use a conditioner that is designed for your hair type. It will make your hair shinier, stronger and easily compilable.

Dry your hair in a special manner
After washing your hair do not use a hair dryer right away. Just wrap it around a towel and wait for at least 15 minutes. Also do not wring your hair with the towel because after a shower it is more fragile and can cause hair breakage. What you can do is to wrap your hair in an old t-shirt. That way it will get dry faster and won’t break. When you use a hair dryer use the “cool” button. Avoid heat as much as you can. You can also use some protection spray as well.

Do not color it too frequently
A lot of women like to change their hair color. But when time passes and your natural color shows on your roots you need to dye your hair again. Try to avoid coloring your hair too often because it will get exhausted and won’t have a healthy look. What you can do to stretch the time between the hair coloring procedures is to wash your hair less frequently. This will protect your hair color. Also use a shampoo with color-safe formula. You can also try a home-made mask for color protection.

These are the basics you need to know to protect your hair. Do not use too many products, apply some home-made masks from time to time, eat healthy and you will have strong and gorgeous hair.

Enjoy it, girls!