Tips On How To Curl Your Hair And Make It Last

Perfect curly hair

Want big, voluminous hair that lasts for days?

Don‘t know what you‘re doing wrong when curling your hair? Looking for advice on how to have the perfect hairstyle?

Look no more! Here is the ultimate guide for the perfect curled hair!

Perfect curly hair guide

The first thing you need to know if that it all starts from the haircut. If your haircut is straight, with no layers or movement on your hair, there‘s no way your hair can become voluminous or keep its volume for a long time. If you want big hair, next time you go to the beauty salon, tell your hairdresser to make you some layers so when you curl your hair there can be some texture in the hairstyle.

Perfect curly hair how to Next thing you should know, products often build up in your hair which makes it heavy and this way it loses volume. When you shower, don‘t use too much shampoo or conditioner to avoid product build-up. Instead, use a volumising shampoo and a deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair sooth and silky. You can try natural masks and oils to keep it healthy.

Buy a dry shampoo because this is one of the main products you will need when curling your hair. You can use it for teasing, keeping your scalp dry and even instead of hairspray in the roots to give them the lift they need. Dry shampoo will give your hair a nice scents and it‘s less damaging to the hair than hairspray.

The most important thing for your hairstyle is the tool you are using. Every curling iron has a barrel with different size and every barrel makes different curls. The bigger the barrel (see the inches), the looser the curls will be. Choose your barrel according to the curls you want or just buy one of those multi-barrel tools to experiment with the different sizes.

Perfect curly hairA little trick a like to use when curling my hair includes a big amount of bobby pins. Every time I curl a section of hair, when it‘s still warm, I like to put it gently in a curl and pin it in place with a bobby pin. This way, when the hair isn‘t hot anymore, the curl will be tight and defined and I would be able to style it the way I want.

Lastly, don‘t forget to tease your hair which is one of the basic thing you need to know about voluminous curls. Tease the top part of your hair and work your way until the bottom or until you think it‘s enough. Don‘t forget to brush the sections you teased and be careful not to ruin the curls while you‘re doing that.

Add hairspray, mess the hair a bit with your fingers and you‘re done!