Trendy Pattern For Your Nails


When you feel blue because of the chilly and rainy weather outside, you can always boost up your mood with a nice nail decoration. That’s why I wish to show you a great idea for a summer-like pattern, which will decorate perfectly  your nails. Take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps one by one:

  1. First of all, you have to take care of the nails and the skin around them. If you have some dry cuticles around the nails, the whole decoration will be ruined and it won’t look professional and beautiful. So, soften the skin with cuticle oil and then remove the dry skin if needed.
  2. The next step requires nail file. You have to create the proper shape for this pattern and that shape is the square one. The pattern is geometrical and the square shape too, so they will match perfectly together.
  3. After the nails are filed, you have to apply the primer. It has two functions: protects the nails from the harsh properties of the nail polish and prevent yellowing; and it helps to remove the nail decoration afterwards when it has to be removed.
  4. Then apply the base color, in our case the base color is white nail polish. Apply two layers and wait until they are completely dry.
  5. Then take a drawing brush and black nail polish and start drawing the pattern. Start with four dots and connect them into the shape of a diamond.
  6. Then draw four triangles at the corners of the diamond. Keep drawing triangles at the walls of the diamond and at the corners of the nail.
  7. Draw a smaller diamond in the center of the big diamond.
  8. Lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat. I’m sure that the summer mood is already here. Enjoy it!